Dr Diana Hamilton graduated from the University of Queensland and  then she completed specialty training in Psychiatry. 

 With more than 25 years of practical experience, Dr Hamilton has consulted in private and public treatment settings, including  hospital - based care.

In addition, Dr Hamilton has provided psychiatric medical education to junior medical staff and  General Practitioners.

Dr Hamilton is currently available in private practice delivering consultations via   Telehealth only,  and  she is only accepting a limited number of new patient referrals.   

Dr Hamilton does not provide in-office consultations.


Dr Diana Hamilton's private practice is exclusively   Telehealth  based. Consultations are offered via Skype, FaceTime or by phone. All provided services are in accordance with Medicare requirements. 

All patients must be aged 17 years or over and they must arrange the consultation themselves. A family member, partner, or support person may also attend, but please advise of their presence prior to the consultation.

All patients must have a current and valid referral from a Medical Practitioner, usually your regular General Practitioner.  It is your responsibility to ensure that you have a referral prior to your consultation.   The referral  can be emailed or faxed.

All consultations must have a prior booking which requires confirmation.  Please respond to  the text reminder, as  per the message, to avoid having your appointment  automatically cancelled.   You may also confirm your appointment yourself, by  sending an email to assist.drhamilton@yahoo.com.  or by sending a text to  0410 604 792.

Appointments are only available Monday to Wednesday, (excluding public holidays) with limited availability on Thursday. 

Dr Hamilton does not provide after hours, emergency or crisis services.   

In case of emergency, then please call 000 or attend your nearest Emergency Department.

Communication outside of the consultation is by email (preferred method), by phone (voicemail available ), or by fax.

The fees charged are those recommended by the Australian Medical Association, with payment in full required at the end of the consultation. Payment method is by credit/debit card.   After payment, your payment invoice is submitted  to Medicare for your rebate,  which is usually deposited into your nominated bank account within 24hours. Failure to pay on the day of the consultation will result in a late payment fee of $50.00

The Medicare Safety Net Scheme for all of your eligible treatment  services from your treating  Medical Practitioners. Your   " out of pocket costs "  builds towards reaching a higher rebate.   Please refer to the Medicare website for the detailed information regards  your own eligibility details.

Every effort is made to be punctual, as your time is valued.  Please be available for your Telehealth call,  as  the bookings  are reserved well in advance of that day. In the event of delays arising,  a text message will be sent to you, giving an approximate waiting period.   Again, please be tolerant of this  small delay, as  a busy psychiatric practice is often dealing with the unexpected or urgent needs of another patient.  You will  still  receive your full consultation time as booked.

A Booked Consultation Appointment is Required

All professional services such as prescription renewal, medical certificates, medical letters or other paperwork, results of tests, require a consultation.

Cancellations /  Rescheduling of  Consultation

Due to the high demands for available appointments,   early advice of rescheduling or cancellation is appreciated.   

Failure to give adequate notice (48 hours is  requested )  will result in the full fee being payable.   This is  not covered by a Medicare rebate. Any future booked consultations may be suspended and cancelled as a result  and your care will be transferred back to your referring General Practitioner.

Please advise if you no longer require your booked consultation, so that this time can be offered to another patient on the waiting list.

No Show Fee

Failure to attend for the telehealth consultation  will  result  in a charge equal to the fee for the missed consultation. 

This appointment  had been reserved specifically for you, so please ensure that you are  aware of your upcoming appointments.

Dr Hamilton may return your  future care back to your referring doctor in the event of "No Show"  behaviour.

Fees Charged for Professional Services

Bulk billing is no longer possible, due to the rapid escalation in  the essential costs associated  with providing this
specialist service. 

Consultation Fees

Initial Telehealth Consultation for new patient 45mins - $450    Rebate   $237.45

Standard Telehealth Consultation 30mins  - $310  Rebate   $121.40

Long Telehealth Consultation 45mins -  $405      Rebate   $167.55

Telehealth Consultation for returning patient (more than 2 years since previously attended) 45mins - $450 Rebate $237.45

Dr Hamilton is unable to extend the consultation allocated time due to the following patient's  confirmed appointment.

Please be realistic in how much time is needed to be booked for you and how you use the time. It is important to use the time thoughtfully.



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